Accounting Services for Startups and Small Businesses

Go build your unicorn. We'll take care of the numbers.

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You're a founder with a growing startup.


We provide the accounting and financial management you need to scale.

What is accrual accounting and why do startups need it?

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"If you want to grow your company by leaps and bounds that’s when you need to look at Simplexity. They've helped us turn our books and financials into venture ready financials. And helped us focus on the business and not be distracted with HR and all the end of the month responsibilities."

- Avi Tal, Co-Founder of Agentology


"They’re very forward thinking. There’s not a month that goes by where there is something that I need to be aware of that I wasn't thinking about. If Simplexity wasn’t handling all these different services, there’s no way I could focus on what’s critical for the company."

-Paul Love, CEO of 1app



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How we manage your accounting and back office.

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Start with a plan tailored to your specific needs.

You will receive a consultation with one of our advisors to review your needs and develop a custom plan for your company.




Setup and integrate SaaS tools.

Accounting and back office tasks have been greatly helped by modern SaaS products. We use the best tools available and are always vetting new solutions for your startup.

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Manage the day-to-day and constantly look forward.

You have a company to build. Your Simplexity advisor will assures you know what is happening with your finances and what is coming down the road. No surprises.    

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What are your current accounting needs?


I have a pre-revenue startup.

Does this sound like your team?

We are heads down building product and preparing for our launch.  We are (or will soon be) hiring people, renting office space, and buying ping pong tables.

We want to make sure our accounting is giving us an accurate view of our operational expenses, that we can produce the reports our investors request, and that we are prepared for our next round of funding.

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We are making sales.

Does this sound like your startup?

We are making sales and collecting revenue. We are hiring more people. Buying more things. We've been getting by, but it's time to get serious about accounting.

We want more in-depth insight into our monthly operations. We need to do a better job associating our expenses with our revenue, and our investors have requested some specific reports.

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"This is the service I recommend the most highly out of all the services that we use because they save me the most time on finances and HR. They’re a human system, not a software system. My team at Simplexity has become an extension of our team and has an in-depth knowledge of the business not commonly found with an outsourced resource."

-Russ Heddleston CEO of DOCSEND

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Your Simplexity Services advisor will create a custom plan tailored to your startup’s current needs.

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